Our Journey

About Us

Matt Byram Exotics really started from a fear of snakes.  I ran a pet sotre in college, kept a few snakes and really did so to conquer my fear of them.  Fast forward thirty years, and while watching SnakebytesTV with my daughter I was amazed at the number of morphs that were currently available.  But....the Scaleless Ball Python entranced me.  Ibought a Scaleless Head, and the story exploes from there.  We are now a family run boutique snake breeding operation specializing in designer morphs ranging from crazy Clown and Desert Ghost combos to the most advanced Scaleless combos available today.  Stay tuned.....We run this business as a family to promote the raising and keeping of the most tremendous morphs in the industry. 


Our vision is fairly clear cut.......We breed quality from the best stock and focus on producing the most cutting edge product in the industry.  We are not looking to be the biggest, but the most innovative.